Sunday, December 6, 2009

Benton Harbour


I heard the Fiery Furnaces play an upbeat version of this song that I really dug and tried to mimic how I remembered hearing it while channeling a bit of Get Happy! I love how this came out.


I heard the version of this that The Chords recorded and liked that they rocked it up, but thought it was a little messy. I recorded this as a demo with the intent that the Parties would cover it, and worked out a duet vocal. Unfortunately, they were unfamiliar with the song and passed on it. Oh well.

Look Out

This was a challenge due to the insane bass part. Not sure who plays bass on this song, but that is not something a normal rock musician would come up with.

Reach Out

Someone once dared me to cover the entire Heavy Metal soundtrack. When I was home sick from work one day, I decided to try. I only got as far as this one song.